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BA (hons) Illustration…

We explore illustration as a visual language, and the relationship with the text that it addresses, encouraging you to develop an ambition for your own practice founded on subject knowledge. We focus on international collaboration and real-world experience, with industry links to major illustrators and publishers from around the world. You can be a part of the international illustration community from day one with exhibitions and collaborations.

Mercian Folklore Horror Posters

For this project I researched a handful
of folklore creatures from the ancient English region of Mercia, with inspiration taken from retro
horror movie artworks I aimed to create a horror
poster for each of the folklore characters.

Contemporary Practice – Inktober

This module involved completing art competitions and challenges. This illustration was for Inktober “throw”. I gave myself the theme of monster design, and chose to interpret throw as a synonym for “blanket”, creating
this creature.

Joint Module Project – Dinosaurs in Victorian London

A joint creative writing and illustration project creating a setting where prehistoric creatures are mysteriously appearing in an alternative world’s Victorian London. This illustration is of a scene written about in a fictional newspaper
I am creating.

Project 1

This is a character that I created in 3D, and my time and experiences in illustration helped create the design.

Project 2

The image I have illustrated here demonstrates how foreign power affects African countries. Even though the African leaders make deals with foreign powers, there is often a hidden agenda.


As part of a series of illustrations for one of my assignments I decided to turn the planets into people. I imagine Earth would be an alternative vegan café owner.


From the same series of illustrations I took the shy, no longer classed as a planet, Pluto and gave her more of a somewhat depressing vibe. Both these pieces allowed me to explore background work which I now enjoy and hope to practice more.


This project looked at how animals are reintroduced into the wild. I wanted to document how the reintroduction of grey wolves affected the entire eco-system of the Yellowstone National Park through illustration.

The Tooth Fairy Stop Motion

A stop motion animation project based on my character design of an alternative tooth fairy. This fairy steals children’s teeth while they sleep and puts them into its own body to feed off the memories of those children.

Investigation Into How Different Cultures Describe Death

Through this project, I explored the different characterisations and various symbols of death in different cultures from around the world. As part of this, I considered the idea of birds being omens of death.

An Antidote to Fast Fashion?

I researched into the effects of fast fashion and
possible antidotes to the industry that everyday people can get involved in. I have custom painted and illustrated a 1-of-1 fast fashion product to spread the awareness of the problems associated with clothing.

Covid Suit

During the first lockdown in 2020 I created this illustrated hazmat suit to represent the unity between people even though we are separated; it shows that even in a pandemic, people still come together. Art made with posca ink, paints, fine-liners and thread.

Slovak Traditions

This illustration is a part of my dissertation work where I focus on Slovak traditions and its pagan roots. This image illustrates a “carnival” that happens in season between spring and winter.


This piece is from the online art challenge ‘Inktober’, in which you have to create images according to word prompts. I was following a personalized prompt list made by Slovak artist Taly. This illustration´s prompt word is “Skull”..


Throughout my exploration of Saints, Gods and their images, I have created stylised children’s posters to share my interest in ancient beings and their stories. This piece is one of four: Athena, Apollo, Dionysus and Aphrodite.

Jeanne Baret

As part of my practice in botanical illustration, I created a series of botanist portraits which have ended up being the project I am most proud of in my time at Worcester University. The piece shown represents French botanist, Jeanne Baret.

Picture This! Bass Rock, Scotland

This is one of three illustrations depicting an environmental piece I completed for the Creative Writing side of my joint honours degree. Within this memoir, I explore the fragility and wonder of the UK’s wildlife at Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth in Scotland.

Batsford Prize Entry : Our House is on Fire

This piece responds to the brief ‘Our Planet’. Inspired by the famous Greta Thunberg quote ‘our house is on fire’. I have explored the apocalyptic events of 2020 with a focus on digital portraiture.


Penguin Award

A cover illustration for the book “The Uninhabitable Earth” by David Wallace-Wells. I illustrated the reality of human ocean plastic, where turtles are struggling to swim between all the waste, the colour blue highlights the issue.

Visual Art Open Competition

Evolving my previous work using black and white contrast, this new piece uses acrylic paints; focusing on my favourite topic, animals. I chose a black cat because of its links to superstitions and the mystical. A feeling of mystery and depth can be seen in the eyes.

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