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BA (hons) Fine Art…

…combines visual art practice with critical studies and places a strong emphasis on studio practice.
Fine Art is at the forefront of cultural production, exploring new terrain and challenging existing ideas. Our course will allow you to become part of this momentum by entering into a community of artists, supported and encouraged to extend your creative work and ideas into new areas.

Advocacy In Blood

Animated GIFs, digitally drawn. In response to the ‘Religious Reproductive Rights’ campaign by The Satanic Temple which advocates for free choice over one’s own body. The projects work to eliminate the social stigma associated with abortions.

Stop-Motion Animation Short Film

A stop motion animation film using found components which responds to the artists own experience’s of the social stigmas associated with having had an abortion and being a proud Satanist.


A short art film that follows the testimony of the artist‘s gradual spiral into depression after prolonged isolation. Mundane, daily life during the pandemic drives her mental health into dark places forcing her to confront demons that existed before quarantine.


Part of the photo series ‘The Contemporary Experience’, DECONTAMINATE exploring the mental and physical struggles people battled in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. This photo was inspired by the international fear and paranoia around possible contamination.

‘A Demon Glued To My Back’

Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Oil, Graphite, Coloured Pencil, House Paint, Charcoal, Foil and Paper on Canvas
100 x 100 cm

‘Run Run Run’

Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Graphite, Coloured Pencil, House Paint, Staples, Sewing Needle and String on Canvas
120 x 100 cm


This portrait shows the bold, powerful gaze as actress Cate Blanchett inhabits the male gender, in her portrayal of musician Bob Dylan. The graphite nuances of gender are asserted amidst the oils of a stained glass atmosphere.

Never to Feel the Burning Light

This oil painting, which touches the sun, was directly inspired by the quote:
Never regret thy fall/O Icarus of the fearless flight/For the greatest tragedy of them all/Is never to feel the burning light.

Brain Freeze – Eugenica

Brain Freeze comes from a larger body of work called ‘Eugenica’ and the work discusses themes of genetic engineering and designer babies.

Genetic Mess – Eugenica

This 140 x 250 cm painting deals with the concerns of nature, colour, and personal experience. This work is titled Boundless, as a reflection of how our opportunities to learn and develop new art has no limits.

“Boy Racer” – 2020

‘Boy Racer’ is a sculptural painting which is drawn from my interest in the UK’s car modification scene. The visuals are from films and video games such as ‘Fast & Furious’, ‘Need for Speed’ and ‘Midnight Club’. The visual referencing is nostalgic for me.

“Protest Ur Right” – 2021

‘Protest Ur Right’ is a mixed media painting responding to the current ‘Kill the Bill’ protests surrounding the new Anti-Protest Policing Bill. The graffiti tags are referencing related tags used within the Bristol ‘Kill the Bill’ protest.

River Fall

‘River Fall’ explores climate change and rising river levels. A response to last year’s flooding in Worcester February 2020, salvaged willow sticks were nurtured back to life, their new roots visible as they regenerated during the installation.

2021 Alchemy

A new symbol, 2021 Alchemy, representing value, Earth and protection has been hand carved into a slab of reclaimed slate. Photographed on location, the image was then collaged onto a cyanotype print sky.

Looking At Someone Looking

Embracing the limitations of lockdown, I used digital photography to create a miniature glowstick model; working with colour and light to explore how they influence a person’s mental well-being. Inspired by Dan Flavin and Liz West.

See A Rainbow

180cm x 150cm braille light installation created to raise consideration to those with visual impairments. Inspired by Roy Nachum.


‘Lenore’ is large in form and bold in presence but is muted in tone and texture to which alludes that she is not yet the person she was born to be.


‘Brianna’ uses composition and form to exuberate her being in the most elaborate way possible, to which questions her identity as a being. Her accentuated features pose the idea that she does not identify, but more so exists unapologetically.

Triple Vision

A triptych of paintings that explore different depictions of the body. Discovered through colour and an abstract style, this piece demonstrates how bodies can be perceived, while simultaneously breaking the stigmas and achieving body positivity.

‘See It for Yourself’

Evidences inequality between male and
female bodies still
prevalent in society.
Involving a manipulated image of a male’s chest being censored the way women are, this piece actively demonstrates the bias between the sexes on particular social media platforms.

Achieving a first class degree was a huge personal achievement as I completed the final year of my degree as a new, single mother.

Anna Lister, Fine Arts Student

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