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BA (hons) Game Art…

Our authentic, studio-based work and live briefs will boost your graduate prospects in the games industry.  You’ll master industry software to create 2D and 3D concepts, while exploring the art of game asset design. You’ll also learn to analyse artistic and cultural value and gain a critical appreciation of the mainstream and indie sectors within game development. You’ll graduate with a portfolio of practical skills, creative abilities and technical expertise in industry standard software to develop successful game content.

Junko; Professional Junk Collector (Concept Art)

Concept art showing Junko, a short-tempered woman who likes to repurpose old technology and collect trinkets from the past.

Junko; Professional Junk Collector (Character Concept Sculpt)

This project was about creating a colourful stylised character that conveys character and the world through her design.

‘The White Emperor’ Character Concept Sculpt

The primary focus of this project was to demonstrate the production pipeline involved in the field of 3D creature design. After the concept was established, the processes of UV baking, retopology, painting, texturing and lighting was explored.

‘The White Emperor’ Detail

It was important to the artist to demonstrate an ability to capture likenesses. Accurately representing a specific individual is widely appreciated as one of the more difficult areas of sculpture to achieve and therefore serves as a suitable indicator of his ability.

BSP Temple Map Layout

This project was about understanding and creating a playable level which compliments a series of mechanics from a traditional third person shooter.

Temple Map Layout, further in development

I experimented with different AI attributes/abilities to see how these changes could influence the layouts of the map, based on player testing and interactions.

Abandoned Arcade, Game Ready environment, Unreal Engine

This final project is an arcade that has been abandoned after an accident at a nuclear power plant. Inspired by an article where a radioactive explosion occurred in Fukushima, Japan; a cold and mysterious atmosphere being created.

Wood Floor and Dirt Material

“Tropical Island Campfire” Game
Ready environment, Unreal Engine

My final project is a campsite set on a tropical island in Hawaii 500 years ago. My main focus for this scene was to get good lighting and composition that helps make the objects I created stand out.

“Tropical Island Campfire” Alternate Lighting

I experimented with different types of lighting in my scene to try and create a completely different mood and feel.

‘Lisbon Underground’: Lighting

The lighting in the scene has a major impact on the environment, changing how the player will perceive the game world. The goal was to achieve a cold and abandoned atmosphere..

‘Lisbon Underground’: Game Ready environment, Unreal Engine

This game ready environment blends the modern-day Lisbon Underground with aesthetics that portray an abandoned world. The environment is intended for a first-person survival game, where people have become zombie-like
due to COVID-19..

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