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BA (hons) Graphic Design…

A multi-disciplinary experience that will equip you with the creative, conceptual, technical and critical skills expected of designers in the twenty-first century.

It will provide you with a solid grounding in all areas of visual communication, applied to brand identity, packaging, publishing, advertising, digital and multimedia platforms.

You will increasingly gain exposure to commercial and professional situations as your academic knowledge and practical abilities grow.

D&AD New Blood Awards

Tackling a fictional story called ‘The Faraway’ from the esteemed company Audible Originals, designs incorporating advertising took place. I created an ‘out-of-the-box’ design for the cover, description page, banner and out-of-home mock-ups.

Major Project

For this project I researched into the cognitive features of children to understand how their brains work and how it effects their education. With this knowledge, I created a picture book revolving around an adorable character; ‘Penny the Penguin’.

D&AD New Blood Awards

I have been tasked to create an innovative marketing campaign for Duolingo to entice new users to the app.

Green Design

Working with the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), I was tasked to created a poster campaign advising users to lower their carbon footprint

D&AD New Blood Awards

Spotify Waves is designed to be a new feature on Spotify which shares music with those around you. It is a new way to discover a great variety of music and connect with others. Additionally, Waves introduces an instant messaging capability into the Spotify app.

Bibyke Project

Bibyke was a brand design brief for a same day bike courier service. The design conveys efficiency and security without being visually stale or cliché. I also devised a sub brand of Bibyke – “Nyght”, which acted as a USP for the company. With Nyght, you are able to have your late night projects delivered first thing next morning simply and safely.

Worcester Music Festival – Final Major Project

This self-set brief was to create branding and accompanying assets for Worcester Music Festival in addition to my investigative report for my final major project. Skills: Brand identity design, asset creation, presenting mockups..

GiffGaff Recycle – D&AD New Blood Awards Submission

These assets were part of my submission for the 2021 D&AD New Blood Awards, where I was tasked to advertise GiffGaff’s recycle scheme. The full animations are included on my Instagram account.Skills: Brand guideline consistency, asset creation, photography, motion graphics.

D&AD New Blood Awards

I selected the Audible Originals Brief called ‘There’s a Noise in the Shed’, for the D&AD New Blood Awards. The idea behind the brief was that they were replicas of Audible briefs to give the designer an idea of what they’re like.

Green Design: The Centre for Alternative Technology

Designing two posters to inform the audience about the transport we use and the nature around us. The transport poster labelled; ‘Power Up Exercise and Power Down Transport’. The nature poster labelled; ‘Cut Back Carbon’.

Concierge Design

The product designed was for a dish washing liquid brand called Concierge. This was a typographic based project, which gave me the idea to create my own typeface that simultaneously works as the design for the brand logo.

NQT Site Design

This was a website design created for newly qualified teachers to help with lesson plans. This was a brand design as well as a site design. The idea for this site was to make it feel less corporate so the NQTs feel like they are casually working, the colours are used specifically to destress the user.

Let’s Get Cooking

A recipe book designed to encourage children aged 7 to 9 to eat healthily by showing them the fun of cooking healthy and delicious meals for themselves and their families.

D&AD New Blood Awards

A fiction Audible Original book designed for the whole family to enjoy listening together. It tells the story of a young imaginative girl figuring out what the noise from the shed is.

D&AD New Blood Awards

This is a design for an exciting brief which was to help connect friends, artist and other cultures around the world through music on Spotify. My app consisted of many features such as ‘Friends Feed’, ‘Artist Stories’, ‘Go Explore’ and ‘Direct Share’.

Live Brief

This is a vintage clothes website for a client called Hustl & Bustl which are an upcoming company, this design followed a strict structure, layout and theme. The website is easy to navigate whilst giving a classic vintage feel.

D&AD New Blood Awards

The project consisted of creating a packaging refresh for Grey Poupon which would appeal to young American adults. The packaging refresh consists of illustrative elements which captures the story of Grey Poupon.

Major Project

Exploring the concept of ‘how mobile phones have impacted the way young people communicate’. Publication and campaign which makes adults aware of a problem that is overlooked. Phones are not the problem. The problem is the way humanity uses them.

Major Project

This project researched into children’s educational board games, leading to the development of my own board game titled Zoomania, which focused on the idea of a ‘day trip to the zoo’ collecting animals.

Green Design

This brief was in collaboration with the Centre For Alternative Technology, aiming to create resources in the form of posters, leaflets and social media promoting positive lifestyle changes relating to the Zero Carbon Britain initiative.

I loved how broad the course was – I could pick from a wide range of modules to suit my interests. The lecturers were all so enthusiastic it was impossible not to enjoy the course.

Stephen Hall, Graphic Design Student

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