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MA Creative Media…

… lets you design and create across a range of digital platforms, incorporating photography, video, motion graphics, visual effects, sound and web content as well as new and emerging technologies including virtual reality and projection mapping. Our range of modules and briefs will allow you to tailor your creative media course to suit your interests and career aspirations.

Develop key conceptual skills, gaining an understanding of the cultural, historical and technological influences that continue to shape design and visual communication, alongside your creative and practical work.


This image was captured as part of my Creative Concept module project, in which I looked at a cyclist’s desire to explore the sport in its fullest form after putting in the time, effort and dedication indoors.

Hidden Depth

Exploring a theory of realism, this image was captured in an experimental project that looked at encapsulating the natural essence of a car in its environment…
Or maybe there’s more to it than just that?.

Superior Knowledge

Made purely using digital vectors, this piece is part of a larger animation, which focuses on learning development through creation. It iterates how people often overthink the amount of knowledge needed to begin developing personal work.


This piece, from a marketing animation for a County Council led project, identifies the planning stages of building a business. It uses a hand-drawn effect with vector images to emphasise the variety of possible ideas when starting a business.

Asemic Sculpture, Photograph

“We try to understand and we see that inside ourselves exists the whole past. So we become more aware of what exists in our creative capability inside.”
Buoys Joseph.

Asemic Writing, Natural Light

Asemic forms, collected by the projection of light through glass, resulted in a new Asemic writing with fusion, diffusion and movement.

Asemic: “… lines and symbols that… do not have any meaning; Asemic writing is left to the reader to interpret.”
– Cambridge Dictionary

Project 01

A comic that explores and celebrates being transgender using witchcraft as an allegory. The titular protagonist, ‘Mx Witch’, struggles with how other people view them and how they view themselves.

Project 02

A piece from a series of images that visualises the emotions
I felt during the first lockdown…


When The Minds Eye Is Blind This virtual reality showing the creation of the piece is part of a video on my experience with Aphantasia. The 3D floating landscape is a version of what I see when listening to a piece of music. Normally, all I see is black.


A project on self-representation, expression and exploration, using self-portraiture to offer an insight into my lifeand mind. It explores how I play these significant roles (subject, director, photographer) to communicate thoughts through photographic storytelling.


This piece addresses my position as a non-immigrant, reminiscing on my culture, food, and nationality. It’s a reflection of what my life is now, in comparison to my previous environment.

Quick Turnaround Music

Three individual music compositions for different projects, within a short timeframe we made for a client using personalised music to help develop the character of the brand.

Sounds Of The Art House

The eye of sound design: making more visible through sound.

This project captured the Art House through sound, with the incorporation of video, by drawing attention to the objects used to create the composition.

I had been consistently impressed with the staff and facilities at Worcester University, and the unique combination of a one-year Masters course with wide flexibility offered within the modules made the Creative Digital Media MA the ideal course for me.”

Andrew Robinson, CDME MA Graduate

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