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…challenges the position of the illustrator within commercial, social, political and cultural contexts, exploring illustration as a visual language, and it’s relationship with the text that it addresses, encouraging you to develop an ambition for your own practice founded on subject knowledge.

There is a focus on international collaboration and real-world experience, with industry links to major illustrators and publishers from around the world, so you can be a part of the international illustration community from day one. Develop your ideas and your portfolio and show them off in public exhibitions. 


A piece made for the Batsford Prize 2024. A fine line drawing representing my interpretation of the theme “Gravity”. It is a depiction of a spaceship’s cluttered cockpit, hinting at the mundane everyday working lives that take place there.

The Trash Monsters

A group of monsters that I created for my final show in second year. These 3D creatures were made using rubbish that I collected from around Worcester and then finished with paper Mache that I made using old receipts.

Instagram: @bb_artsss


Georgia O keefs life – Landscape Concertina 

I investigated Georgia O Keeffe’s life, interested in getting to know more about this famous artist. She was inspired to create landscape paintings while traveling. I created this piece; showing the landscape of where she grew up, combined with personal elements and bright colours.

Children’s Wallpaper Design 

The everyday was inspired by a child’s bedroom, representing the feeling of childhood. I designed a monster and space wallpaper. The monster is a colour in – interactive wallpaper; for a child to be creative and free and explore colour. The space theme is to explore the textures and idea of space. 

Concrete Chaos: The Gritty Side of Ikebukuro

This piece transports me to the shadowy streets of Ikebukuro, Tokyo; a place filled with industrial energy and urban vibes. The mix of residential and industrial buildings mirror the dynamic nature of city life, reminding me of the diverse cultures and people that make up the heartbeat of a bustling city. The earth tones and dark, rigid lines evoke a sense of grit and toughness, just like the city itself.

Snowy Reverie: Capturing the Magic of Winter

Created for the Tokyo art illustration contest with the theme winter. It is a depiction of my first experience with snow. Inspired by the magical feeling of seeing snow for the first time, capturing a cozy and relaxed vibe with buildings and trees dotting the landscape.

Snow-Global Gifts

I created illustrated advent calendars based on Christmas. The scenes were rooms in a Christmas shop, ‘selling’ items based on global traditions. Illustrated objects were inside the calendar doors. These calendars were made using paint, pen, stencils and glitter.


My Negotiated Project was about animals and beliefs about them. This artwork is about narwhals that were impacted by the belief of their tusks being unicorn horns. This artwork was made using paint and pencil. 

Prehistoric Landscapes

I created this piece as an a1 screen print and originally drawn from black ink and dip ink pen, inspired by visiting prehistoric caves, looking at the rock formations and recreating scenery from prehistory.


This project was inspired by the concept of fantasy. I created this inspired piece by dreams and how music flows, combining that with my love of drawing patterns. I created it using dip ink pens using black and white ink.


Inktober 2023

Going into my final year I was really fascinated by the idea of working in 3D, so for the Inktober challenge I interpreted each prompt as a set piece for a miniature theatre. 

Fumetto Comic Contest

The brief for this contest was to produce a short comic based on the word ‘Meat’. Typically, my illustrations are quite wholesome, so my personal challenge was to create a story that felt more bleak and disturbing.


Also ‘begin’ning my final year at university, this piece was the outcome of a journey of expressive creation without any barriers or restrictions, utilising the versatility of the
gel plate as a canvas
for collage.

Pigeons of Worcester

An ode to the overlooked, hardworking inhabitants of Worcester. A collection of prints using tetra-pak as an affordable and urban material to capture the totally mundane yet intriguing life of the beautiful pigeons around Worcester.

Queer Fairy tale comic 

This is a colourless version of my queer fairy tale inspire graphic novel concept. The hypothetical graphic novel explores the nuance of gender, about a male knight who wear women’s clothing. Inspired by the designs of Léon Bakst.

The Gurgaan (from speculation of alien life)

The Gurgaan’s design is a mixture of crocodile nature and a giant fish like creature. The idea project was an experience to make creative creatures inspired by readings of science related media. Created for telling narratives about the eco-systems.


This project focused on investigating how witches have been depicted and treated throughout history. What subsequent reputations they have gained in media such as literature and film, and the evolution of this as society changes.

The 7 Deadly Sins – Greed

The 7 Deadly Sins are immortal behaviours
seen as perverse corrupt or deficient versions of
love. There are: Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth. For my second year show I curated a symbolic portrait of Greed.


Fairy Woodland 

Submitted as part of the BSL Exhibition at the Hive.  My favourite medium to work in is ink due to its fluidity and immediacy. This piece then collaged and lino print to enhance the layers.


This was a prototype for my Final Reasearch submission working on tree oracle cards. I used Gelli plate here, masking tape for texture and acrylics.


Part of “Introduction to a Spanish Bestiary” guide, where Art Nouveau-inspired pieces guide the reader through a discovery journey. Gatipedros are Spanish folklore creatures from Galicia with long tongues, a wet horn and a cat-like appearance to trick children.

Fleisch: Death

Second section of a mythical three-part story. “Death” explores the existence of violence around us, the “rotten” roots of human nature taking hold while the Beast slept. Based on the 2024 Fumetto International Comic Competition “Fleisch” prompt.


This image is a linocut I produced as part of my own “Inktober” inspired bug series.  


The Bear and the Snowboarder

This linocut of a bear and a snowboarder was an image made for The Batsford Prize 2024 competition. This was a three-colour reduction linocut print based on the prompt “gravity”.

Moth Pattern

A repeating pattern of moths that I created for a monthly pattern competition.

Dragon Pattern

A repeating pattern of dragons flying through the night sky that I created for a monthly pattern competition

GIRL RATT episode 2: WWE is the straight mans Drag

Girl Ratt is a series of zines which explores LGBTQ+ themes through a DIY ethos and printmaking. In the zine, I talk about how both drag and wrestling contain theatre, the make-up and athleticism. But most importantly, the drama.

The Boogeymom

Boogeymom is a 30 page feminist horror comic which explores themes of the feminine monstrous, cult antics and the troublesome relationship between mother and her daughter. The comic is a Japanese style bound book and printed through riso techniques.


Sea turtle

This is a mixed media artwork I made in response to ’Sea Change’, encouraging protecting endangered sea turtles.


This is a mixed media artwork of a giraffe which I made to bring awareness for giraffe habitat loss. 


Asha & The Spirit Bird

Take an adventure into the narrative world inspired by Jasbinder Bilan’s  “Asha and the Spirit Bird”. The tale unfolds as a thrilling Indian adventure, following the intrepid Asha on a quest amidst a backdrop of magical spirits and enduring friendships.

The Boy & The Whale

In the quiet of night, a boy wrestles with sleep. His Grandpa weaves tales of the sea, whispers of whale songs, and echoes of sonar clicks. Each tale dives deep, lulling the boy into dreams of underwater wonders.



A papercut illustrating the fear of being poisoned.

Angel and Demon

Characters designed for the Inktober prompts Angel and Demon.

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