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MA Creative Media…

…lets you negotiate an individual programme of study. The course has been written to allow the greatest choice of flexibility of learning experience, as you may be developing your practice, working as a new media professional, or a self-employed practitioner. 

Alongside your creative and practical work, you will develop key conceptual skills, gaining an understanding of the cultural, historical and technological influences that continue to shape art, design and visual communication. 

The programme supports you as a postgraduate student-practitioner in the development of creative and professional skills necessary for the next stage of your career.


Drypoint etching with carborundum powder.

Starting in January 2023, Crookbarrow Hill has been a site that I’ve explored repeatedly. It’s a natural hill that has been reshaped several times, creating a palimpsest of human activity.

Crookbarrow Palimpsest 2

Many pen and ink drawings were made at the Crookbarrow site. Taking elements of these into a digital domain I created layered landscapes that hint and suggest the forever changing vista.

How Tea is an Important Part
of Our Life

This project aims to show that despite our human brain’s skill at cancelling out the many constants of our lives, the making and drinking of tea is a profound ritual in many cultures. And yet it’s one whose significance is
often ‘unseen’.

Nike Campaign About Helping African Tribes

I am planning to run a campaign where for each and every purchase of a Nike product, Nike will donate an equal or similar item to designated African tribes. For this, I have used the hashtag “TOGETHER”.

Visualising Intrusive Thoughts

This project focuses on intrusive thoughts and the anxiety caused by having such thoughts. The goal was to use a visual metaphor to highlight these thoughts as ‘fleeting’ via movement.

Perception and Our Personal Perspectives

Leading on from the first project, this image focuses on perspective rather than movement, using a spider to demonstrate how our perspectives can be warped by intrusive thoughts. Not everything is as big as it seems.

Sojourn pt 1 image

Project 01: 

‘Team Fang: The Call of The Swamp’ is an animatic showing us the journey of a group of monsters and magic-users as they trek through a swamp, lured into the fog by enticing hallucinations that tap into their innermost desires.

Sojourn pt 2 image

Project 02: 

This combines a variety of styles from live action, blended with 2D animation, to a style inspired by 1930’s rubber-hose animations. Each character has a unique dream sequence and an accompanying unique visual style to demonstrate their interior world.  

EVA Morcillo Rincon

EmpowerTHEM/ Mama

This campaign aims to make the audience aware of breast cancer and encourage individuals of both genders to undergo recommended checkups, offering support and encouragement to the community


Known as the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll”, Tina built a powerful image and music career, making history for not only Rock but for women in general. Using her as a reference for significant change in the world, her name becomes relevant to my work, representing natural beauty, empowerment and hope.


This project aims to make art accessible, not only for non-disabled but also for visually impaired individuals, by incorporating Braille and invisible ink to reveal hidden meaning in Romanian folktales.

it can change

A Memory of Grandpa

This project showcases a personal memory, a time when being an artist was nothing more than watching my grandpa paint for hours. It’s a reflection of the kind of artist I’d like to become.

Gianina Radulescu

Barbie Doll

With its polished and flawless appearance highlighting unattainable perfection, this mask represents conventional beauty standards in today’s society. The bag draped over it symbolises isolation stemming from deep insecurities, as individuals hide behind facades to fit in while struggling internally.

it can change

Wronged Lover

This mask depicts a mythical creature from Romanian folklore: vengeful female demons seeking retribution against men. Representing the spirits of wronged women, they hunt those who wronged them in life, returning from death to exact their revenge. This haunting mask embodies their dark, powerful story.

Reel to Real

Explores the metamorphosis of creative identity. Does an optical reel of film still retain its identity after it has been digitally scanned, restored and enhanced?

it can change


An item that was once composed of a single element is shattered into many pieces and re-assembled, resulting in an item composed of many components. Is it still the same item?

I had been consistently impressed with the staff and facilities at Worcester University, and the unique combination of a one-year Masters course with wide flexibility offered within the modules made the Creative Digital Media MA the ideal course for me.”

Andrew Robinson, CDME MA Graduate

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