Game Art

Wildwood Protector

This protector, considered a deity by the villagers, is a game-ready character. During this project, I have developed my knowledge and understanding of anatomy, clothing generation, as well as hair and fur.

Matron Mary Herbert – Infirmary

A bust in the likeness of Mary Herbert, a historical matron who joined the Worcester Infirmary in 1888. This piece was for a low poly AR game, with a focus on accuracy, and helped me hone my sculpting skills.

Forest Spirit

Being the embodiment of the forest consciousness, forever attuned to the intentions of those who dare enter it, the forest consciousness remains vigilant, a curious observer discerning harm from benign presence.

Forest Spirit Closeup

My aim for this project was to produce a Splash Art that mimics the art style used by Riot Games. Although I was not able to fully express this, I still improved my rendering and anatomy skills.

Rage of a Burning Sun

A sword I created following an original design. This piece was inspired by the weapons that already exist within the world of Bungie’s Destiny 2.

Visual effects in Unreal Engine 5 Niagara

I wanted to create some visual effects for the sword I modelled. After learning how Niagara within Unreal Engine worked, I began to create some unique visual effects for my sword whilst adding a sci-fi feel to my creation.

The Victorian Library

A fictional library set in England during the 1840’s, owned by a wealthy merchant and his family. The library is a place the family can relax and socialise in.

The Victorian Library Fireplace

This is my first environment made in Unreal Engine 5. The goal for this project was to learn and show as many industry skills as I could, in a game-ready project. 

Concept work for a stylised character

Going through iterations to develop an anime styled character according to modern conventions, taking inspiration from games like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Character pipeline

Following through from concept to modelling, using software such as ZBrush and Maya, with the end goal of creating a model ready to be rigged.



Wyvern Project

The Wyvern Project is a game ready creature designed to fit within the world of Monster Hunter. My aim for this project was to improve my sculpting skills while showcasing my ability to follow a set style.

Flexing Arms

The final sculpt in a series of studies focused on recreating accurate anatomy, observing the effect of muscle contraction & relaxation in the human arm. In future I will expand my studies to cover the full human body.


The cosmic mollusc is a 3D game ready digital sculp inspired by H.P Lovecraft’s creations and H.R Giger’s Alien. My vision for this project was to create a slug/mollusc creature that creates an uncomfortable feeling and a sense of horror.


I wanted to create a set of anatomical alien organs that were visible through a transparent opening on the mollusc. Transparency was something I wanted to get a stronger understanding of, and work into my model.

The Forsaken Docks

The concept of my project shows an abandoned dock, its residents vanished after the appearance of a sinister glow that appears every night from beneath the waves.

The Forsaken Docks – Asset Scatter

Storytelling is a vital part of any environment and I’ve often found that scattering small objects around a scene can help it to feel lived in. Depending on how they’re placed, it can allow for subtle stories to be told with assets alone.

The Shambles

A dark medieval game environment. The aim for my environment was to fit into games like Darksouls, Elden Ring and Lords of the Fallen. I aimed to give the viewer something depressing and hard to watch while giving elements of danger and intrigue.

The Shambles – Process

I wanted to showcase my experience working with various software: 3D modelling in Maya, creating unique textures in Designer, painting models in Painter, organic asset creation in ZBrush and finalising all of these inside a game engine.

The Black Boar Tavern

The main focus of my project was to create a game ready environment for a medieval setting, following industry practices and showcasing my skills in both 3D modelling and texturing.

Tavern lighting

The lighting of the tavern helps to create the mood of the environment. Creating a warmly lit atmosphere was a big focus of the lighting stage of my project.

Marionette of Madness – Splash Art

My assassin character, themed around the spider lily flower and its symbolism. The goals for this project were to improve upon my rendering skills/capabilities, colour application and to achieve a professional quality result, in a semi-realistic rendering style.


To attain the desired result, I used a combination of blend modes, adjustment and colour layers. Posing, shape language, camera angle and red lighting were used to create the impression/mood of intimidation, power and strength.

Ruins Entrance

The Veiled Ruins is a game environment set in a medieval world. My aim for this project was to showcase my ability of working in multiple software and using varying industry standard workflows to achieve a realistic and believable environment.

Bandit Campsite

Storytelling was a massive part of this project as I wanted to bring the scene to life and feel like a real place. This camp showcases my creation of various props and effects to achieve this goal.

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