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“Victory Temple” Game Ready Environment, Unreal Engine 5

Set in Ancient Rome, this temple is the players final destination after a long a difficult journey. The primary goal was to create an environment following current industry practice to showcase my skills as an environment artist.

“Winged Victory of Samothrace” Photogrammetry

I explored photogrammetry and how it can help with the creation of game ready assets. Using Meshroom I created the 3d model, which was then refined in ZBrush, retopologized in Maya and textured in Substance Painter. 

Melody the Mouse Explorer (3D Model)

Melody’s character design is inspired by Ratchet & Clank and Banjo-Kazooie. She is a quick-witted explorer that journeys the lands of the small world with her trusty bird partner. 

Melody the Mouse Explorer (Animation Rig) 

This project was about exploring the professional pipeline for a game ready stylised character that could be animated using her own custom rig that I created. 

‘Water Monster’ Character Sculpt

This project aimed to explore the possibilities of creating detailed character concepts using the software ZBrush. With this sculpt, I wanted to show my interest in monster creation and test my skills in creating detailed and realistic sculpts. 

‘Water Monster’ Photoshop Composition

The next phase was to transfer the renders as a 2D flat image to Photoshop to create a composition using materials selected and applied earlier to the sculpt. The aim was to add a feeling of complexity to the creature. 


‘The White Emperor’

The primary focus of this project was to demonstrate the production pipeline involved in the field of 3D creature design. After the concept was established, the processes of UV baking, retopology, painting, texturing and lighting was explored.

‘The White Emperor’ Detail

It was important to the artist to demonstrate an ability to capture likenesses. Accurately representing a specific individual is widely appreciated as one of the more difficult areas of sculpture to achieve and therefore the challenge I set myself to show my ability.


2082 Standard Issue Rifle of the Red Army. Inspired by AK/TKB/soviet rifle platforms and Fallout/Metro future dystopian war settings. 

Gun Smart Materials

A pack of multi-purpose smart materials for guns created from scratch using Substance Designer and Painter. 

3D Character

A 3D character created with the intention of being game ready, follow the standard industry pipeline and software. For example, in a first-person shooter game. Inspired by Riot Games (VALORANT, League of Legends).  

Stylized Waterfall Scene 

A tranquil scene centred around flowing water at daybreak. The choice of using a stylized designs for the scene is so that the surrounding would be soothing to the player. Similar to small nook areas in exploration games, this one would distract you from your main mission, giving you a place to rest.

Stylized Tree

A tranquil tree to fit within the calming environment. This tree also has emissive values spiralling through the centre to add the tone and atmosphere of the lager scene.  

Railsword, Game Ready weapon, Unreal Engine

This project is a weapon designed for a role-playing game with a 3rd person view. My main goal was to design and 3D model a sword combining sci-fi and fantasy elements. Then, apply that sword within a game engine.

Railsword, Texturing and Effects

On this project I focused on texturing and creating visual effects within Unreal Engine to make the Railsword come fully alive.

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