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Creative Media MA - 6

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Creative Media MA

Composting Poster

Part of a series for a campaign to inform and inspire the general public to make changes to reduce their carbon footprint. This project was to work with the Centre for Alternative Technology informing the public of Zero Carbon Britain. 

Footsteps Campaign

Part of a campaign to promote ‘Footsteps’ which is to allow customers of the shoe shop to return their shoes to be fixed up and donated to children in need of school shoes.

Living Shadows. St Alfreds Cakes Fungi (Daldinia Concentrica) Test Mark Study.

Physically embedding stories of our natural environment within my making, allows me to respond directly to events that surround us. Living Shadows explores the impact of Ash Die Back (Hymenoscyphus Fraxineus). Foraged natural elements become tools carrying the narrative.

Collection of freshly processed pigments

Including ink, stain and charcoal. 

Materials made in preparation for embedding within an artist book, a threshold to a large project proposal. Reparative Land Art, is a term I use to define my practice: Art responding to the natural environment with intervention and intention for reparation. 

‘Untitled’ W.I.P. (Forest Scene Description)

Digitally painted forest scene. Using colour psychology, to explore a personal narrative. A part of experimentation in preparation for next semester’s mixed media animation project.  

‘Inner Guidance’ (Black Print Description) 

Experimentation using reductive mono printing. Exploring physical mark making through printing and painting. In response to artists’ faith and self-identity.

Sojourn pt 1 image

‘Sojourn’ 1

Title sequence for a short mystery drama film.

Sojourn pt 2 image

‘Sojourn’ 2

Green screen studio experimentation for end sequence of the film. 

Glittering Anguish: image 1

This piece shows the inconsequence of rage and prayers made for the purpose of changing unfavourable natural phenomenon; for as man looks to the stars, the stars look beneath him. 

Desoland: image 2

A settlement where the successful pursuit of burning desires by one part of the population, results in the death of dreams in the inverse population.


In a moment 

When does a dream become a nightmare? When is something ominous, when something else might be hopeful? In a moment it can all change. 

it can change

It can change 

Personal dreams and nightmares have had a heavily influence on my practice, particularly focusing in on the negative triggers. The idea that a dream in just a split second can become a nightmare has inspired my practice and will continue to do so.

I had been consistently impressed with the staff and facilities at Worcester University, and the unique combination of a one-year Masters course with wide flexibility offered within the modules made the Creative Digital Media MA the ideal course for me.”

Andrew Robinson, CDME MA Graduate

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