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Game Art

Ancient Graveyard Environment

A small diorama piece within Unreal Engine5. Following the correct industry workflow, I was able to create this creepy graveyard as well as produce thematic lighting and fog effects.

Crossbow Prop

Props have been something I’ve enjoyed doing for a long time. This project allowed me to research into historical items and recreate them as faithfully as possible. This crossbow is one
of many great props within the project.

Travelling Potion Shop, Game Ready environment, Unreal Engine

The concept of my project is a travelling shop, appearing as a random encounter in- game. I have imagined it placed in a secluded, hidden part of a forest, with a very whimsical ambiance and magical items on offer.


Travelling Potion Shop, Foliage and “backdrops”

Working on this project, I’ve discovered I enjoyed creating foliage assets, with all the foliage in this scene being hand-painted in Procreate, including the background planes that “contain” the environment and give it a magical atmosphere.

Character Concept

This is one of the characters I designed for a farm simulator game inspired by Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons and Stardew Valley. I have created this character by using thumbnail sketches, rough design and then finalised the character design.

3D Character Modelling

This is what the 3D models would look like in the farm simulator game. I have modelled the character in Maya from a character turnaround and then
I have used Substance Painter to add textures to the character.


‘Estate Raid’ ready environment, Unreal Engine 5 

My Project is about an  estate raid against a rich and powerful landowner. The primary focus was to create an environment using industry standard pipelines. I was aiming to explore and showcase my skills as an environment artist.

‘Estate Raid’ Broken Statue

To make the statue in my scene I explored photogrammetry. I used 3DF Zephyr to create the 3D model and material, I cut the statue in Maya and used the existing material to texture the new model.


Hiding MH

This project showcases what a teenage girl with mental health’s room could look like. I wanted to bring forward mental health issues, perhaps ways to identify to help move forward.



Lunosphere – Lunar Habitat and Greenhouse

A fictional lunar dome intended to explore plant adaptation and behaviour for deeper space missions and space habitation. An exploration of my personal style and artistic passions,
I aimed to tackle scale and semi-stylized texturing with a dreamy aesthetic.

Lunosphere – Foliage

My first-time creating 3D foliage; I have made use of image textures and employed Blender’s particle system to distribute the leaves. The species I’ve chosen (plum, olive, tangerine, soy, blueberry and lettuce) are all undergoing research for use in space.

Environment / Prop art 

My project is a supplementary skill module that will go alongside my major project in animation, which is focused on the game Psychonauts 2. I have designed an environment and recreated some props using the game and its assets as reference.



Larceny Of Memory In And Out Of Case

This piece is my Hero prop within a display case and resting by
the side. It is said to be located in a weapons archive within the Destiny 2 universe, showing that it is no longer in use until it is called upon.

Larceny OF Memory Weapon Only

This piece shows my Hero Prop on its own allowing for all the detail to tell the story of the battles it has been used in.



Reimagining Of The Pip-Boy UI

This project was about looking at the UI of
the Pip-Boy, from the Fallout games, and reimagining it in a hyper futuristic style over the retro-futuristic style that the game series is known for.


This project was about driving the hyper- futuristic style home, by creating visual effects that would make the screens look holographic.



Tohka Ayanami (3D Character Project)

The main focus of my project was to create a cutscene ready character using a game industry pipeline but also doing
the whole pipeline within blender. I wanted to
show off a mix of stylised and realism within my character. I used streetwear to influence my characters clothing style.



Shinto Shrine Composition

I explored industry standard pipeline and the ability to use strong and thoughtful composition to lead the viewer to look at the areas of interest and in essence showing consideration of level design and captivating visuals to evoke certain emotions.

Shinto Shrine Foliage

This is what the 3D models would look like in the farm simulator game. I have modelled the character in Maya from a character turnaround and then I have used Substance Painter to add textures to the character.



Marvellous Designer Clothing

The aim of my project was to learn and understand Marvelous Designer, a 3D software designed specifically for making clothing. My character’s outfit is set in the dystopian world of the game Nier: Automata.

Texturing Clothing

I explored various software to texture my fabric, using materials such as latex, corduroy, and leather to showcase my outfit and enhance the visual appeal of my work.



Baron Schnopp 2D Art

The intention behind this project was to create a game ready character from scratch, and go through the entire industry standard pipeline involved in 3D Character art. The concept is of Baron Shcnopp – The pestilence in human form.

Baron Schnopp 3D Art

When making the 3D model, it was important to maintain the storytelling elements. The mushroom, moulds, and wet substances covering the Baron’s body were key elements to this, all of which helped challenge and demonstrate my skills in texturing.



Cable Car Interior

The primary focus of my project was to create a cable car from a New York subway carriage using correct pipeline to achieve this. I brought the scene to life by animating metahumans and the destination sign.

Glaz City

Glaz city is a fictional city set outside of New York. It is a film ready environment intended for animation. The streets display the lowest classes in society and how they live.



Rendered Character Splash Art

A detailed concept piece using learnings from industry professionals to colour, render, and detail. This piece shows ‘Thyra’, a character I developed to challenge niches in the game industry.

Character Turnaround

I produced two completed turnarounds, the one pictured above for my character of ‘Amaria’ – a warrior hailing from the desert, inspired by the Riot Games universe of ‘Runeterra’.

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