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Fine Art

Oysters (2022) – Acrylic paint on wood board

Oysters explores plant-fungal symbiotic relationships through playful, abstract forms. Oysters is an example of artworks from my ‘Nature- Series’ where I have researched and explored plants and natural forms. The work also connects with my love for propagating and growing plants.

Time I (2023) – Digital design printed on paper

Time I is a poem from my ‘Self-series’ which explores the notion that humans are organisms governed by cyclical cycles, such as circadian rhythms and menstrual cycles. The ‘Self-series’ is an autobiographical collection of artworks inspired by mindfulness techniques that I practice such as mediation, journalling, and yoga.

Weaver’s Feast

A sculptural installation based in the field of Hauntology. The character is inspired by the fantastic archetypes of Salome, Judith, Varo and Kali. I am interested in unearthing personal and cultural memory, questioning current systems of oppression and how they came to be, weaving stories and sensitivities.

Feminism is a conspiracy

A tapestry designed to showcase an array of different conspiracy theories exploring the themes of controversy, identity, and feminism.

Masks off

Part of a collection made during the covid pandemic exploring the criticism and pressure individuals had around the world when taking orders from the government.

Untitled, 2023

A re-imagined landscape of the surrounding rural areas of the West Midlands. The unfinished nature of the work captures the ideas surrounding Plein Air painting, the act of painting from observation, and painting what is important to the artist.

Four Pillars, 2023

An observational painting from memory of the four pillars on Clent hills.  


Morality is a social construct

Inspired by a book Conversations with God, I suggest how nothing is intrinsically right or wrong, conveying how everything is relative. Instead of tuning into society’s recommendations for morality, tune into oneself and discover who you want to be.

Soul Shifting

Whilst mourning is understandable and grieving acknowledges pain, I instead look at the possibility that death isn’t an end, but a transition. I consider replacing the fear of death with acceptance of change; to find comfort in the inevitable.


“Mamá” means Mother in Spanish. This is a very personal and special project regarding breast cancer, using digital art with oil technique. My aim is to share with the audience in order to normalize talking about the disease and help the cause. In this project, I am exploring my mother’s personal battle with breast cancer, by exhibiting different portraits each representing different stages of my mother’s experience.


“Opuestos” means opposites in Spanish. This artwork made with pen and graphite on wood.

This project represents two opposite poles in an unhealthy relationship.


Softening the soul that’s consumed by sorrow.

Materials: Plaster, Blackest Black 2.0, a mirror and my own brain cast.

Death of the beloved

‘On the last day of love, my heart cracked inside my body’. -Rupi Kaur

Materials: Plaster and Modroc. 

Under His Wings 2022

The purpose of installation is to examine canvas’s characteristics. Connection between mixed materials, creation, and movement- the colour of the skies in sea blue tones, the sea waves, and a sense of freedom which is represented with silhouettes of swallows.

Layer to layer 2021

Blue-toned canvas fabric with layers to symbolise the layers of the sky and various hue intensities. For the purpose of creating monochromatic abstraction, each strip is created separately and affixed to the surface.

You shouldn’t stare

This illustration was part of inktober. I selected and made up the list of 31 prompts myself of words that I find interesting. For this illustration the prompt was “Dog” and the final result was made completely out of ink.


This drawing I made with colour pencils. I used a variety of colours including blues and purples to create depth and to get accurate tones. I used different pencil techniques to create authentic textures.

L’s Watching The L Word, 2023

A 16×16 inch acrylic painting on canvas. The painting depicts a little, mundane moment between the artist and their partner that wouldn’t necessarily stand out to anyone. However, I have found that it’s the small moments that matter most.

Penguin Cover Design Award: James and the Giant Peach

This cover, for Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach, was created for my contemporary practice module in illustration. It was crafted per the brief set by Penguin for their Cover Design Award.


The séance

Created in response to the Batsford prize prompt ‘At Peace’, The séance is inspired by the fraudulent psychics and mediums who practised in America at the turn of the 19th Century.

Genii Loci- (The spirit of a place)

Genii loci (The Spirit of a place) is a photographic essay inspired by the relationship between Landscape and people focusing on the folklore of the Worcestershire and Herefordshire landscape.


A piece I made for Inktober, a daily art challenge that follows a new art prompt for every day. This illustration was made for the prompt, “Scurry”. I created an unsettling squirrel/ spider hybrid creature, inspired by video games.

The Horror Protagonist: Cinematic Identity

A series of works that explore my emotional trauma through the perspective of horror movie protagonists, using self-portraiture. “Black Swan” represents shared empathy with main protagonist, Nina, who faces anxiety, personal insecurity, and paranoia throughout the narrative.

Fine Art wit Psychology


What is happiness?

A piece inspired by responses to the question ‘What makes you happy?’ including images which reflected the responses, but also thinking about how colour, process and texture impacts the emotional response of happiness from the piece.

Comfort blanket

This project was about encouraging people of all ages to think about their childhood memories and take a minute to reflect and relive these in a non-traditional way while also feeling comfort and happiness enhanced by elements of the piece.

Shining the light onto Women empowerment

My practice concerns women’s empowerment, using acrylic paint to create these beautiful flowers which represent the genitalia of a woman, the Vagina. Acrylic paint allows me to use multiple colours catching the eye of the audience due to its vibrancy.

Shining the light onto Women empowerment

The use of found lampshades placed upon found tables expresses how women aren’t just there to be used when wanted. The idea of this installation is to also expand peoples understanding into the struggles that women can go through.

You Live Through Us

Contains 3 charcoal portraits of myself, my Nan, and my Mum. It is an ode to two of the key feminine role models in my life. The concept behind this artwork is to show the contrast between the three generations.

You Live Through Us

My Nan’s genes have been passed down to my Mum who has further passed them down to me; ultimately creating the narrative that part of my Nan and my Mum will live on through me.


This piece is the result of a project playing with the idea of individual process, a personal need for sequence and repetition, and how an artwork can act as a sort of time capsule.

Deconstructed Sketchbook

This project is all about creating the opportunity for personal practice to be looked in on. Creating an artwork that acts as a physical insight into an artist process by putting the making and development of it on display.



The beginning of the word Ugly representing the negativity around beauty standards.

Made up of 40 flowers in a foam funeral flower.

Paper Flowers

30 Ivory, Crepe paper flower with green wire stems.


In response to my interest in the prosaic, BRICK is a sculptural facsimile replicating a house brick. The piece is made from foam, clay and acrylic.

Yellow Lines

A reflection on the mundane, YELLOW LINES is a small-scale recreation of yellow lines on a road.

Art is a Communication

My practice is based on the use of art as a therapeutic coping tool to aid self-reflection of emotions, thoughts and situations.


The materials used are ballpoint pens and multi-purpose paper (29.8cm x 21cm each) and some with found text.

Amongst the Flames

These two pieces of work were created based on the prompt ‘Fire’. They incorporate influences from mythology and traditional Japanese artwork, in particular, the legend of the phoenix which is reborn from fire was the main inspiration for the work.


This piece of work is just one of many based on mental illness and nature as well as the connection between the two. It depicts a person being silenced by their own struggles which manifests as this sinister, skeletal figure.


An installation piece highlighting the continued impact of Covid-19 on the chronically sick and disabled, 500,000 of whom are still in isolation in the UK today.

It consists of a window frame, covered with a shroud, hanging on a wall.

Boarded up

Exploring the idea of creating physical barriers using cardboard, metal spray and plyboard to create substances commonly used for boarding up houses, before venturing into more unconventional materials, such as shrouds and drapes.

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